Developer For Magnesium And Zinc Etching Plate

What developer is used for the magnesium plates?

Method 1: 300g Sodium Carbonate+20L water   Weight Ratio: 1:66
Method 2: 200g Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH)+20L water Weight Ratio: 1:100

In summer, the temperature is high, water easily evaporates, and the concentration of the solution will increase, which may cause excessive development. Check the water level frequently, replenish the water properly to ensure the water level.

Prepare developing solution as instruction, put the exposed magnesium plate into the developing solution for 15-40 seconds. Suggested developing solution temperature is 21-29℃. Adjust the development time according to the indoor temperature. The time should be shorter, because the temperature is higher in summer.

Use Sponge to wipe off the unexposed area. DO NOT touch the plate with bare hands. Rinse the plate with clean water until image begins to show, and then dry with air flow or by using oven.

magnesium etching plant

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