Hot Foil Stamping Plate Type

Hot Foil Stamping Plate Type

Hot Stamping Plates are commonly called hot stamping plates or electric engraving plates, most of them use zinc platesand magnesium plates.

Zinc plate, the most common and used hot stamping plate, has a fixed thickness and low production cost. It is suitable for hot stamping with 1000-3000 times, and it is not durable. The plate needs to be changed when a certain number is printed.

Magnesium plates are available in various thicknesses. The thicker ones can etched deeper, and are used for thick cardboard, cloth patterns or three-dimensional stamping, which will have a better effect. In addition, the edge of the paper used for hot stamping is clearer and more durable than the zinc plate, and there is no need to change the plate when the number of hot stamping is large.

Copper alloy hot stamping plate, the strength is higher than zinc and magnesium, the image level restoration effect is better, the definition is high, and the number of hot stamping can reach more than 100,000.

Magnesium Etching Plate Application Detail

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