Magnesium Alloy Plate Feature

Characteristics of magnesium alloy sheet
1. Characteristics of magnesium alloy: It is the lightest metal among practical metals. The proportion of magnesium is about 2/3 of aluminum and 1/4 of iron. It is the lightest metal among practical metals, with high strength and high rigidity.

Scope of application: Magnesium alloys are widely used in portable devices and the automotive industry to achieve light weight.

2. Although the specific gravity of the magnesium alloy is heavier than that of plastic, the strength and elasticity per unit weight are higher than that of plastic. Therefore, in the case of the same strength parts, magnesium alloy parts can be made thinner and lighter than plastic. . In addition,

Because the specific strength of magnesium alloys is also higher than that of aluminum alloys and iron, the weight of aluminum or iron components can be reduced without reducing the strength of the components.

Scope of application: The size of LCD screens on mobile phones and laptops is increasing every year, and magnesium alloys are used on their support frames and back shells.

3. Heat transfer: Although the thermal conductivity of magnesium alloys is not as good as that of aluminum alloys, it is dozens of times higher than plastics. Therefore, magnesium alloys are used in electrical products to effectively radiate internal heat to the outside.

Applications: Magnesium alloys are used in the shells and heat-dissipating parts of computers and projectors that generate high temperatures. The use of magnesium alloy on the TV’s casing can be achieved without heat dissipation holes.

4. Electromagnetic wave shielding: The electromagnetic wave shielding performance of magnesium alloy is better than that of electroplating shielding film on plastic. Therefore, the use of magnesium alloy can eliminate the plating process of electromagnetic wave shielding film.

Scope of application: Magnesium alloy is used in the casing and shielding material of mobile phones.

5. Machining performance: Magnesium alloy has less cutting resistance than other metals, and can be processed at a faster speed during machining.

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