Why Magnesium developing problem appear?

Why Magnesium developing problem appear?

Some user said their magnesium plate couldn’t work well when developing, according to the technician’s experience, there shall be several reasons:

  1. Developing Wrong Operation: China magensium plate Photosensitive adhesive layer is water-based, it shall be developed in 1.5-2% NaOH solution (start from 1.5: 98.5 we suggest) or sodium carbonate solution(weight ratio 1:60)
  2. Exposure Wrong Operation: Over-Exposure. If the exposure machine is over 2000w, we suggest to decrease the exposure time. And for different artwork, such as embossing dies and foil stamping dies, the exposure time shall be different.
  3. The problem of magnesium plate: The adhesion of the photoresist is not enough, this is quality problem of magnesium plate.

So do you find the reason? Welcome to give comments for this.

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